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Server: SubCarrier Systems Corp SNIP simpleNTRIP_Caster_[wBAS]R2.12.00/of:Nov 21 2019
Date: Mon, 06 April 2020 08:34:23 UTC
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Length: 248

STR;RIDVRS_10300;Bangkok;RTCM 3.3;1004(1),1006(10),1008(10),1012(1),1033(10),1042(1);2;GPS+GLO+BDS;SNIP;THA;13.79;100.51;1;0;sNTRIP;none;N;N;0;none;
NET;SNIP;FTPS CO.Ltd.;N;N;www.ftps.co.th;;t.kanthee@gmail.com;;

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